Born in Australia, Annabel spent her childhood travelling the world, moving between Malaysia, Italy, and the US, and developing a global view from a young age. Whilst completing her university studies at Sydney College of the Arts, she founded her eponymous accessories line in 1988, which quickly caught the attention of the fashion press and led to one of her designs being featured at the V&A Museum in London. Her collection gained a dedicated and passionate following from boutiques in Australia, and subsequently expanded into the United States, Europe, and Asia, leading her to New York in 1994 where she has been based ever since.

Annabel’s sleek, timeless design ethic was inspired by the casual elegance of the Australian outdoor lifestyle, and a connection to nature that was cultivated during her childhood. It is her belief that true sustainability lies in making quality pieces, and she is constantly researching and developing new and environmentally responsible methods of manufacture.

The product is based on authenticity, on understatement. The brand uses no external logos, instead relying on the exceptional quality of the materials as its signature, a beautiful combination of fashion and functionality with universal appeal. Known for the superior quality of her leathers, and her expert eye for colour and construction, Annabel’s designs have gained a devoted following of admirers around the world.

“I love making bags for all women; women who are at the height of their powers and carrying their essentials, whether it be to run a country, start a business or raise a family. “